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, 62. napa was 47-mile-per-hour wind. we are now gusting to 23 in napa and 17 in san carlos and 14 at sfo. the winds have picked up since this morning. they will continue to do that from now through about 6:00. when the sun sets, though, the atmosphere will decouple and the winds will calm as we head overnight and we will turn our attention to the stray shower that is possible the next 24 to 38 hours. >> thank you very much. last night's strong winds, in light of the damage, we want you to share your video or pictures with us at or fair them with us at facebook >> a new twist in the relationship between a suspected dunk driver and the pedestrian she allegedly killed on a driveway this morning. nick? >> police just cleared the scene. you can see what is left behind after a drunk driver crashed into this wall, pinned her friend and killed her at the seen. >> when i hear something like we did this morning at 2:30 that is not standard operating procedure i get nervous. >> james heard the driver of this 2014 ford passing into the panel of the garage with h
a mountain lion was spotted in napa before 7:00 near a park entrance. the area was checked and visitors are warned to lookout. >> if you are daydreaming, embrace it. new research shows when your mind wanders from the present it helps your creative process so you can solve problems, envision the future, or consider things from someone else pore perspective. it is great for companies to give employees time to get away mentally. google gives employees 20 percent of the time to do whatever they choose in a project. >> just thing... >> continue. continue. >> i am dreaming about the snow falling in the sierra painting a also brothering picture with the mountain resorters hooking forward to the winter season this weekend! crews are checking the snow pack. if there is enough snow, get ready for the slopes. officials say on top of the fresh powder, it is also >>megyn: to make sure there is 12" at the base. athe key is, when? mike nicco, is there more precipitation? >> we are in a holding pattern for outdoor activity today and also for tomorrow obviously with halloween rolling around the corner.
a gust through napa valley up to 17 miles per hour. everyone is in the 60's but for san carlos at 59 along with half moon bay which is our warm spot. napa is 68 and san ramon is 69 and los gatos is 67. in san jose, it is 63 and total sunshine. we will have total sunshine in our warmest afternoon upon us. cooler embryos through the week end as we introduce autumn to november with rain possible next week, likely on friday. today is the first day of the winter "spare the air" although it is not a "spare the air" day. temperatures are four to six degrees above average. you will enable to enjoy them until 6:11. daylight savings ends this week. low-to-mid 50's but the coast is upper 60's with light wind. tonight, low 40's to mid-40's and mid-40's to low 50's elsewhere. on sunday, it will be breezy. there will be clouds with sunshine. temperatures will be in the upper 50's to low 60's as radar and eagles kickoff until 4:00 or 5:00. upstairs, high pressure is governing us and here is the storm system for saturday: 7:00 in the morning, notice all of the moisture stays just to the north and it
and napa and santa rosa, most of the winds are coming from the north where this exceptionally dry air is originating and why it will be cold again tonight like it was this morning if many areas. we have warmed rapidly and are already 20 or 25 degrees off the morning low with 57 at half moon bay and 59 in fremont and san jose the cool spot and 69 in napa, nine degrees warmer than this time yesterday. in san jose, with the 59, you are awash total sunshine for today and this could be a high cloud from time to time with the warming trend starting today and lasts through wednesday and the winds shift again bringing us cooler wednesday thursday and the pattern will shift late this weekend and maybe we will get much needed room but not until next week. from our east bay hills camera the haze is gone and temperatures are responding because of that. look at this, one to four degrees warmer than 24 hours. the high pressure and a twin spawning off of it and move, to oregon bringing us the offshore wind and warmer temperatures so the secret stream is to the north with the storm track staying. 67
it is doing in the high pressure with our winds variable and napa has a guest of 20 miles per hour but more an anomaly than anything else. we are in the upper 60's to low 50's but los gatos is the exception at 66. we will be ten degrees warmer than that in the next two or flee hours -- three hours. you can see how beautiful mount tamalpais is. it will be sunny and warmer, mother nature's treat for today. cool tonight, and the breezy conditions will society in sunday and monday. this is how it looks back at the city from mount temperature tam with the sun sparkling off the ocean. not a cloud. temperatures are two to six degrees warmer today by the time the sun sets. san jose will be 72. up to 73 in los altos and low-to-mid 60's along the coast with mid-to-upper 60's around downtown and south fran and sausalito and low-to-mid 70's through the north bay valley and ten degrees cooler at the coast and upper 60's in berkeley and hayward and low 70's elsewhere and castro valley is 73. to the east, low 70's to mid-70's dominating inland east bay neighborhoods and tonight in the 40's to near 50. a f
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5